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Student Ambassador Corps

We began our Student Ambassador Program at Brown University in 2018 where it’s been a huge success in expanding access to DailyChatter to its undergraduates.

Hear from Sarah Leser, our 2019 Brown Student Ambassador.

Send your CV and a short email outlining why you’d like to join the team as a Student Ambassador to Elizabeth Bartle, Executive Director, Global Education Initiative

Anyone who is enthusiastic about DailyChatter is welcome to apply. Among the majors we draw from are international relations, political science, journalism, English, sociology, marketing/communications, and many others. Our student readers come from every area of academic study and professional interest.

Sarah Leser, Student Ambassador, Brown University

Job Description

You’ll work solo and with our Global Education Team to make students on your campus aware of how to sign up for a free subscription.  Email invitations with the link can come from an interested faculty member, from student organizations, from the Global Affairs, Study Abroad, Student Life Office, or any other relevant campus organization you can think of.

And there are many other ways to get the word out:

  • Post on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.
  • Write an article for the campus newspaper, post notices in campus newsletters and digital bulletin boards.
  • Make a video postcard and post it to social media.
  • This is also your chance to get creative – as a student, you have more intimate knowledge of which campus groups and organizations are widely followed than almost any school administrator.

This job is flexible and can be easily worked into your busy school schedule. It’s a fun and rewarding experience and you can take genuine pride in advancing awareness of global issues among your fellow students.

To become the Student Ambassador at your college or university, contact Elizabeth Bartle, Executive Director, Global Education Initiative:  [email protected].