Delivering World News Directly to Library Members

A simple and powerful way to reach and engage diverse library communities by providing access to an independent, non-partisan, international daily newsletter.

“This is a great quick way to read what’s happening in our world. Facts not politics!”

“Love your news!  I read it everyday and couldn’t live without it now. “

“This is the best international news. Wish you could find national news like this.”

“I really appreciate this world update that I get daily.”

About DailyChatter

DailyChatter is the largest independent newsletter devoted exclusively to world news, currently with more than 400,000 subscribers in 38 countries. Sourced from news outlets all over the world, DailyChatter’s unbiased, non-partisan newsletter is published via email every weekday of the year. We consistently achieve daily open rates that are double the national average or higher, and our subscribers stick around.

The only daily newsletter dedicated exclusively to world news.

Non-partisan and independent.

Sourced from news outlets all over the world.

Beautifully designed country and regional maps.

Delivered to subscribers’ email inboxes every weekday of the year at 6am ET.

Affordable blanket license fee to offer DailyChatter to all subscribers.

Frictionless subscriber enrollment process.

Delivery and customer service handled by DailyChatter.

Co-branded newsletter template, reinforcing that this is a benefit of library membership.

About Library Subscriptions

DailyChatter’s international daily newsletter is an innovative yet simple way for libraries to make a valuable resource readily accessible to diverse communities and to expand equitable access to important world news.

For a reasonable blanket license fee, libraries can offer DailyChatter as a resource to their members, allowing interested community members to choose to receive DailyChatter directly in their email inboxes each weekday morning as part of their library membership.

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