Helping Young Americans Know the World Better

A Public Service Project of DailyChatter

DailyChatter is proud to announce a new public service initiative designed to assist college and university students in knowing the world better. We’re offering free subscriptions to students of participating colleges and universities across the United States and at selected international universities. Students keep their free subscriptions for as long as they are enrolled at their institution.

This new program was first launched at the University of Oklahoma in the spring semester of 2017 and was so successful that it has been expanded to 12 colleges and universities for the 2017/2018 academic year. We anticipate a full national rollout beginning in January 2019.

If you are interested in participating, please contact Phil Balboni at [email protected].

Some of Our Partner Schools

How the Program Works

The college or university sends the free subscription offer to students (and faculty, if desired) in one or more of the following ways: by email (preferred), digital newsletter, via the school website, or in a print publication or flyer. Students and faculty enroll themselves directly by simply clicking on a dedicated link provided by DailyChatter or by going to a dedicated web address, where they enter their name and email address, their major subject, and the month and year of their expected graduation. DailyChatter arrives the next weekday morning.

The university can make the subscription offer as many times during a semester as it wishes. There is no cost to the university or the students, and enrollment is completely voluntary. Schools can send the invitation to students campus-wide or to those within an individual school, college, center or department within the University. We do encourage the broadest possible participation by our partner institutions.

DailyChatter can co-brand the newsletter for each partner institution if desired, so students will see their college or university name and logo at the top of the newsletter each weekday morning.

We are undertaking this public service because of a profound belief that it is more important than ever for college and university students to have a deeper understanding of international issues. We know that one of the central objectives of modern higher education is to elevate students’ exposure to and knowledge of the wider world in order for them to be better citizens and so they’ll have a chance to reap the financial benefits the global economy can provide. Through our offer of free subscriptions, DailyChatter hopes to give colleges and universities another avenue for accomplishing these very important goals.

Philip S. Balboni, CEO, Founder and Co-Executive Editor

DailyChatter is very grateful to the Knight Foundation and the Carnegie Corporation of New York which have provided us with grants to support the university initiative.