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Launchpad Republic: America’s Entrepreneurial Edge and Why it Matters

This is a slight departure from the books on global affairs we usually recommend, but the authors provide an impressive and important history of American entrepreneurship and its vital role in the astounding economic success of the United States. Howard Wolk, himself a successful entrepreneur and business leader, and John Landry, a historian of business with a doctorate in economic history, weave a fascinating story about the roots of entrepreneurship in early modern Europe and in North America, bringing us all the way forward to the present day and offering insight and perspective on what to make of current headlines — like the antics of Elon Musk or the overreach and subsequent downfall of the cryptocurrency company FTX.

As Wolk and Landry explain, entrepreneurship is intrinsically both an act of rebellion and an act of building, and from that powerful combination has arisen extraordinary wealth and innovation. Whatever problems America may face today, this valuable book reminds us that the country’s truly exceptional entrepreneurial history is unrivaled anywhere else in the world. America’s future prosperity is intertwined with entrepreneurship and US leaders, political and economic, will need to find ways to nurture and protect this great engine of progress, productivity, and wealth generation.