Results of Our Spring Student Survey for the 2020-2021 Academic Year

During several weeks this May, we emailed a survey to 10,413 students and faculty enrolled in our University Free Subscription Program. Students represent 218 colleges and universities across the US and in 34 other countries.  8.2% or 851 students completed the survey. Below you will find the major findings along with a sampling of the hundreds of open-ended comments written in by the students.

How often do you read DailyChatter on average each week?

Daily 274 32.2%
Multiple times a week 378 44.4%
Once a week 143 16.8%
Less than once a week 56 6.6%


Would you say that DailyChatter has increased your knowledge of the world?

Yes 839 98.6%
No 12   1.4%


To what degree has DailyChatter increased your knowledge of the world? Please rate the increase from 1 to 10 with 10 being a great deal and 1 being very little. 

Significantly Increased (7-10) 607 71.5%
Slightly increased (2-3) 202 24%
Somewhat increased (4-6) 37   4.5%

 (95.5% increased significantly or somewhat significantly)


Do you agree with this statement? At a time of increasing misinformation in the news and social media, DailyChatter offers reliable, independent and non-partisan world news.

Strongly Agree 370 43.5%
Agree 415 48.8%
Neither agree nor disagree 57 6.7%
Disagree or strongly disagree 9 .9%


How did you learn about DailyChatter? (choose as many as apply)

Email from your college/university 648 76%
Faculty 166 19.5%
Classmate 41 4.8%
Facebook 6 .7%
Instagram 4 .5%
Twitter 0 0%
Other 74 8.6%


When you think about the most important issues facing the world today, which three do you believe are the most important? The six topics that received the most mentions, in order of importance, were:

Climate, Covid, Economy, Global health, Inequality, World migration/refugee issue


Selected Comments from Students 

Survey question: In what way has free access to DailyChatter made a difference to you?


I did not expect Daily Chatter to be so addictive. It has just the right balance of breadth, depth, links, summary, and global coverage.– Eric, Alleghany College


It’s a great way to stay informed and read works created by students like myself! It also helps me form good habits by staying up to date on world news amidst a global pandemic and racial reckoning. – Emily, Alleghany College


Reading the news every morning is a routine of mine. DailyChatter has contributed to that, by giving me insight on news worldwide. – Student, American College of Greece


I work in foreign policy, so having one source with excellent write ups and summaries has been really helpful to keep me up to date.– Student, American University


It keeps me updated and able to speak on multiple topics within my class. As an Asian, affairs focused International Relations student it is easy to focus on just your region of study. DailyChatter has allowed me to stay up to date and aware of what else is going on around the world and how it could impact Asia. –  Joshua, American University


Interesting news from unexpected places.– Ronald, American University in Bulgaria


I consider myself well aware of world events and news but the DailyChatter has increased the awareness at a more detail level especially about smaller countries and their lives. – Jorge, American University in Paris


I get reminded everyday that there are so many things happening to people alike me and what specific situations is every country dealing with. – Meghedi, American University of Armenia


It’s made me more knowledgeable about world happenings and has actually made me more interested in reading the news. – Jodoc, American University of Nigeria


Daily Chatter has made difference to me through opening my mindset, critical thinking and research methodology.– Student, American University of Nigeria


Bringing Truth to my doorstep without being biased. – Hyellamada, American University of Nigeria


I can hold conversations with my peers and friends better now.– Mohammed, American University of Nigeria


Having a bite-size story about the world waiting for me in my inbox every morning makes it much more likely that I’ll actually read through rather than delete it as something I don’t feel I have time for. I appreciate that DailyChatter isn’t consumed with BREAKING NEWS. Stories include perspectives from multiple sources and are well thought out and concise. – Jon, Art Center College of Design, CA


My worldview now extends a lot farther than just the borders of my country and the entertainment-news of the United States. – Fahad, Habib University, Pakistan


I get to know what is happening around the world… by immersing myself in the content. I have been more inspired to work harder towards making a difference.

– Andrea-Michelle, Ashesi University, Ghana


It’s been my go to source of information anytime I open my mail. Your mails are brief yet capture the information I need to know as at that moment around the world .I don’t seek out news, frequently, so a lot of what I read comes through social media, which is very US-centric. I appreciate getting perspectives from other countries.

 – Student, Ashesi University, Ghana


Most of the newsletters currently in the system prioritize money over information. But the approach DailyChatter took is different. Aside from the fact that it is free access, I am able to read a comprehensive article in little time and get new information and fresh perspective on…an event…. It has become for me an ‘info hub’ where I get to read about events happening each time–Frank, Ashesi University, Ghana


It has made me feel less alone during this difficult time. It has also taught me about cultures different from my own.– Rick, Auburn University


It is peace in mind that without any paid subscription, the news was in my Mailbox. Also, I appreciated less analyzing information and more focusing on facts and the source of the data.– Lana, Belmont University


It has helped me be more aware of the issues that are occurring around the world, which has made me more empathetic and also better able to understand various conversations throughout my day. – Lydia, Belmont University


It is my go to every morning to see what is happening around the world. It is a very nice summary of what mattered. – Ayenachew, Boston College


I don’t usually seek out the news, so having a free service delivered to my inbox is a good reminder.– Emma, Bradley University


I have learned so much about the world, and even places that before I was not interested in, are now on my radar– Nathan, Brigham Young University


I really enjoy reading about countries that are typically not covered completely in conventional news sources. I feel like DailyChatter makes an effort to tackle stories in places of the world that get less attention from the American press, but their stories are no less important.– Jerilyn, Brown University


I have been exposed to news from places in the world I have literally never heard information about before. – Daniel, Brown University


The coverage of places that don’t get headline coverage in my regular media sources. I’ve learned a TON about African politics and economics, for instance! – “C”, Carleton College


Having free access to DailyChatter is a great help for me, because it curates stories from multiple newspapers, which I would not be able to afford having subscriptions nor have I the time to browse through all of them. DailyChatter is great benefit for me. – Kota, Carleton College


Provides me with a reminder to check-in and keep up with the world’s news beyond what is happening in the US.– Kimberly, Carleton College


Allows me to most easily and efficiently stay up to date on global current events, which gives me peace of mind. – Gal, Colby College


It’s the most global news I get and the reporting is on small and large countries which I find to be rare. – “C”, Colorado College


Made this great and reputable news source accessible to me! Thank you! – Paulina, Columbia University


DailyChatter has finally made non-US/European news accessible, and I am extremely grateful for the wide range of topics and areas discussed in each newsletter – “A”, Connecticut College


If I did not have free access to DailyChatter I would have a hard time looking for a news source that would provide this much information in a digestible way that does not require me to pay money. – Jessica, Connecticut College


It’s an easy way to learn about multiple things going on in the world each weekday that I otherwise might not hear about. People still are unaware that they later realized the first traces of the coronavirus were found in Northern Italy, but thanks to DailyChatter, I know and can educate my peers. – Alexander, Denver University


It is ten times better than Flipboard. For the first time in my life I felt like I was reading high-quality newspaper articles (with better transparency). The headlines are one of a kind and the information is quite concise.. I enjoyed every bit and was able to retain a good amount of the news. – Hebbatullah, Effat University


 …even during busy times, I skim through the text regularly. This makes me more aware about what’s going on around the globe and helps me take part in impromptu discussions with peers, professors and family members. – Madeha, Effat University


DailyChatter…has really opened me to global news, and from a very honest perspective, and as a journalism student, I really appreciate that. It really showed me how these newsletters can be fun and accessible and truly a joy, rather than a dread to read. – Kacie, Florence University of the Arts, Italy


It is free of marketing and biases. Since it is not taking my money I feel like I’m just persuaded to keep reading… – Camila, Florida International University


It has made knowledge more accessible to me. I love getting to read relevant, short news updates that are truly global (not just US-centered) and well written. I found out about the Myanmar coup days before my other friends, who avidly read global news, did. – Bianca, Florida International University


I did not have access to quality journalism prior to signing up for DailyChatter, but now I have access and a reason to actually stay updated – Student, Forman Christian College


It keeps me connected with the world, feels like I’m a global citizen in a true sense. – Areeha, Forman Christian College


I absolutely love reading it when I wake up but am still in bed – it’s a great motivator for a slow morning & I never get tired of it because the news it presents is very simple and fairly depoliticized.– Samuel, Georgetown University


I don’t have social media because of the negativity and false content on it. So I really enjoy being able to read short paragraphs about what is happening internationally and being able to stay updated with facts. Better than the news because everything I’ve read so far is unbiased and I really appreciate that too! – Junior, Georgia Southern University


It’s further awakened a desire to learn more about the world around me and the important events happening in real time. It has further offered a unique perspective into world events that I didn’t previously have. I greatly enjoy the articles. – Jason, Georgia Southern University


Best of all, [DailyChatter] is served each morning, which allows me to catch up on the latest world news over breakfast. Normally, I would have to scour the internet over different websites to find all the information that is presented in one well-informed and unbiased DailyChatter email. Finally, few services offer audio recordings like these do. This is especially useful when I am on the go. – George, Hamilton College


News right in my inbox without having to click out to another source – Jill, Harvard College


DailyChatter gives such a useful summary of current world events that I don’t find anywhere else. I find that a lot times, news articles assume readers have historical/background knowledge on a topic in the news. DailyChatter does a great job of breaking that down so I can understand why it is important. – Scott, Harvard College Staff


Increased my exposure to global news. The rest of my news diet is very US-centric. – Sophia, Harvard College


Constant awareness has helped boost my knowledge CQ! – Aidan, Hope College


It has allowed me to gain a better worldview without the costs. – Student, Indiana University


It highlights the most important issues globally. Depending on where the newspaper you’re reading is published, it can be difficult to find a paper that truly covers the world. – Ethan, Indiana University


Daily free updates on what is going on in the world, well organized and structured. It is remarkable to say the least. – Ginevra, John Cabot University


Gives me a quick and informative overview of the most important world events every morning! No other website offers a similar option, especially not as well organized and easily read! – Haakon, Keiser University


It is my primary way of learning about what is happening around the world, and of keeping abreast of COVID rates..- Katherine, Lesley University


DailyChatter is provided through our school and I read it most mornings. It has made me more aware of things going on around the globe. – Thomas, Mass College of Art and Design Staff


I feel US media typically either focuses on superficial events like celebrities, or censors the truth to trivialize important worldly affairs. If it does not affect American citizens then importance is not delegated. – Alicia, Miami Dade College


Provides a succinct and convenient look at global stories. Saves me time from having to look at multiple media outlets to try and find out about news around the world. – Mary, Miami University


This service provides me with a very effective roundup of global news. I like the format with the embedded links so I can delve deeper into stories I’m interested in. Very useful for International Studies classes! – Mark, Miami University Faculty


I get daily news about the world that I would not get elsewhere. – Cindy, MIT


If nothing else, DC reminds me on a daily basis that there is a much larger world out there beyond the USA and Western Europe (which I have traditionally followed most closely). – Lauren, New England Conservatory


My regular news outlets leave out many countries not in North America or Europe. – Robert, Northern Kentucky University Faculty


I can get a good and reliable source of information without being charged, which is very great. Both the content and the topics are diverse and useful for me to gain knowledge.. – My, Northern Kentucky University


Unlike other news sources, DailyChatter is very direct and accessible to anyone. – Miya, Northwestern University


I simply would not be able to afford DailyChatter if it was not free. I appreciate that DailyChatter knows most of its readers a college-aged students that cannot afford to buy subscriptions. I regularly talk about stories I read in DailyChatter in class, and use the links provided in the stories as references in the essays I write. – Timothy, Notre Dame


I love starting my mornings reading DailyChatter. It makes me a much more educated citizen of the world, and it has sparked my curiosity regarding many issues/events around the world. Without free access, I would not be exposed to this information. – Megan, Notre Dame


Before DailyChatter I didn’t pay much attention to the smaller countries around the world. Now I am more aware of activities going on in many different countries. – Staff, Ohio Wesleyan University


I learn about topics I didn’t know a lot about in a manner that synthesizes information from many different sources. – Helen, Oklahoma State University



It has been a nice way to stay informed and a healthy reminder to take a step back from the day-to-day and reflect more broadly. – Bobby, Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology.


Significantly. It enables me to understand about parts of the world that I didn’t even know it existed! – Farzan, San Diego State University


Quick, concise, and eye opening. – Tyler, South Dakota State University


I have a better understanding of world news, and it’s great you offer this to students for free. – Nathaniel, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Fort Worth, TX


HUGE! I don’t have the money to pay for multiple news sources and having this curated for me has been amazing. – Abigail, St. Lawrence University


I wouldn’t know where/how else to begin to learn/follow this kind of comprehensive world news–and certainly not how to find it all in one place. The free access encourages me to read daily. It’s one of the first things I do! – Christina, SUNY Cortland


It gives me healthy access to knowledge in preparation for foreign implications in national security for my intelligence class without requiring money. – Mitch, Taylor College, Indiana


I get to take a coffee break while learning about the world and getting informed about the situation of the world. – Pam, Tecnológico de Monterrey, Mexico Staff


It has been nice to be able to have news sent to my email rather than having to look at news sites. – Trinity College


Helps me keep up-to-date with the world’s top headlines without unnecessary noise of domestic gossip, by bringing together various sources to corroborate the news. – Tufts University


Exposure to news that I do not see through my other news sources. The historical perspectives added to the news summaries also helps me contextualize current events as well. – “E”, Tufts University


I definitely feel more well rounded. I think it’s easy to get access to local news but you have to be more intentional in looking for important global news. Daily hatter has really filled in that missing gap. – “H”, UCLA


The short news stories come to me in my email. They are quick to read and I appreciate your giving me something to chat about first thing in the morning. – Kelly, University of Massachusetts, Lowell Staff


I like the fact that the information is right in front of me and I don’t have to go looking for it in different newspapers. Often, there is little international news in most US newspapers. I like the fact that different regions of the world are covered and not just Europe. The fact that it is free is tremendous as again, I would have to have access to a variety of newspapers to find this information. – Joseph, University of North Carolina, Charlotte


As an aspiring global education professional, I am able to increase my knowledge of the world, thus positively impacting my multicultural knowledge, a key competency in international education. – Johanna, University of North Carolina, Charlotte


It’s so complete and global! I learn about new countries every day in one provider that is not only free, it’s a neutral source. – Marianna, Universidad de Monterrey, Mexico


It has made me feel more human, more empathic to the possible disasters that are occurring on the other side of the world…[that] I would not be able to know on my own. It has been incredible to be informed about the world every day and I even enjoy more reading while hearing someone reading it with me. It a fantastic newspaper I really enjoy. – Student, Universidad San Francisco de Quito, Ecuador


Before this service, I had virtually no idea what was going on in the world around me. It has truly made a difference in my worldview and perspective as a citizen of this world. – Brooke, University of Alabama


Easy way to get a wide variety of news articles from a source I can trust. I’m much more informed about global events and politics, which has helped me understand international relations more. – Justice, University of Cincinnati


I particularly enjoy the scientific discovery at the end of every DailyChatter. Thank you for your content! – Charles, University of Georgia


[DailyChatter] gets me outside my own bubble. –  Laurie, University of Georgia Staff


It provides me non-biased global news… – Matthew, University of Illinois


It brings things to my attention that I wouldn’t ordinarily stumble across unless I was actively looking or knew to look. – Lucinda, University of Minnesota


As a Global Studies/International Relations student getting access to free and concrete news that is going on around the world made me stay on top of things in classes. – Paula, University of Minnesota


I get a daily brief of previous world events in an email that knows its audience. – Lili, University of Minnesota


DailyChatter has offered me a plethora of stories from around the world and has allowed me to have easy access to global news from multiple sources. –“A”, University of New Orleans


It’s been really convenient to have an at-a-glance access to news! – Neira, University of Oklahoma


Having access to DailyChatter has helped me fact check other news resources and has given me a broader understanding of how the world is doing. – Elizabeth, University of South Dakota


Helped me keep up with the news with a busy schedule. – Guiliana, University of Tennessee, Knoxville


One of the most important things a person can do is have an understanding of current events both at home and around the world. The Daily Chatter is a great place to find those interesting “off the main road” articles. I love the fact that the articles come from EVERYWHERE which gives a great snapshot of areas that may be missed otherwise. – Jeremy, Washington State University


I find other news sources to be far too sensationalized and I greatly appreciate the lucid, honest, and genuine style of the DailyChatter. I do not feel as if I am being manipulated or persuaded to think a certain way when I read the DailyChatter. – Hannah, Wellesley College


Helped me realize that mainstream media sources are largely western focused, and that much of the worlds news goes unreported. – Andrew, Wesleyan University


Honestly, DailyChatter has been one of my favorite newsletters – I’m so glad I found it and signed up. It has exposed me to international news that usually does not make it into mainstream US media, and given me the ability to converse with other people who are interested in international affairs. – “A”, Wesleyan University


This newsletter is the primary way I keep track of world events and using the bibliography helps me dive deeper on issues I care about. Without DailyChatter, I would not be informed of global events. – Leo, Xavier University


The information provided is so much more reliable and I thoroughly look forward to reading it every day. – Stephen, Yale University


Because Daily Chatter is free my friend and I each made a pact to read it and to share with one another one piece of news we found interesting as we are trying to become more conscious of global current events. – Wren, Yale University


I think it’s a rare opportunity to get non-biased international media that might not get enough traction on mainstream media. – Jessica, Yale University

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