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Humans are preparing to go back to the Moon in the next few years, but those lunar adventures will come with a series of problems, including extremely low gravity.

Astronauts lose bone and muscle mass without normal gravity, so scientists recently came up with an ingenious idea to keep humans fit and healthy in the Moon’s low gravity, the Guardian reported.

In their study, a research team proposed that lunar explorers could employ the use of a “Wall of Death,” a large wooden cylinder used by stuntmen to perform gravity-defying vehicular acts.

For their experiment, they used a 33-foot-wide wall of death and a bungee cord suspended on a crane. The cord allowed the researchers to simulate lunar gravity by taking five-sixths off their body weight.

They then would run around the wall of death for a few minutes at the start and end of each day.

Treadmill data collected from the experiments showed that the method created enough lateral force – or “artificial gravity” – to keep bones and muscles strong and maintain good nervous system control.

“I’m amazed that nobody had the idea before,” said lead author Alberto Minetti. “This could be a convenient way to train on the Moon.”

Minetti and his colleagues proposed that astronauts could be housed in circular habitats to practice this exercise, instead of transporting a massive wall of death to the Moon.

Some researchers welcomed the findings as promising, but noted that astronauts will need to employ other exercises to better live and operate on Earth’s satellite.

Others also wondered if it would be possible to install such large running tracks in the early lunar habitats.

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