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  • Russian forces have driven Ukrainian troops out of the center of Sievierodonetsk, appearing to diminish Ukraine’s hold on the vital eastern city, according to the New York Times. The Ukrainian military said combat was still going on in the riverside city, where Ukrainian and Russian soldiers have been engaged in brutal street skirmishes for weeks.
  • India, China and other Asian nations are becoming an increasingly important source of oil revenue for Moscow even as the United States and its allies have cut off energy imports from Russia over its war in Ukraine, the Associated Press reported. India, a 1.4 billion-person country, has used roughly 60 million barrels of Russian oil so far in 2022, compared to 12 million barrels in all of 2021. Shipments to other Asian nations, such as China, have climbed in recent months as well.
  • Amnesty International accused Russia of war crimes in its efforts to seize Kharkiv, a city in northeastern Ukraine, CNN added. The organization has detailed the alleged use of cluster bombs and other indiscriminate forms of attack in a new 40-page study.
  • The Wikimedia Foundation, which owns Wikipedia, has filed an appeal against a Russian court decision ordering it to erase material about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, stating that people have a right to know the truth about the conflict, Reuters wrote. A Moscow court fined the Wikimedia Foundation about US$88,000 for refusing to delete “falsehoods” from Russian-language Wikipedia pages about the conflict, including The Russian Invasion of Ukraine, War Crimes during the Russian Invasion of Ukraine, and Massacre in Bucha.

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