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  • Ukrainian officials are hurrying to evacuate the last residents from the eastern Donetsk and Luhansk regions as Russia launches a fresh military attack near the area’s key population centers, the Wall Street Journal wrote. Meanwhile, UN officials said humanitarian ceasefires between Ukrainian and Russian forces are not on the horizon but might happen in the next several weeks, Al Jazeera added.
  • Russia urged Ukrainian soldiers to “immediately lay down arms” Tuesday, issuing a fresh ultimatum for the defenders of the besieged port city of Mariupol to stop resisting, the South China Morning Post reported. At the same time, Russian forces continued their new offensive in eastern Ukraine after launching attacks on cities and towns along a 300-mile front with a renewed focus on the Donbas region, according to USA Today.
  • Russia has been accused of using a variety of weapons in Ukraine, from vacuum bombs to chemical weapons, raising concerns about their impact on civilian populations, the Hill noted.
  • The Russian Education Ministry has unveiled plans to require children as young as seven to learn history as part of a larger drive to promote “patriotic” education in the midst of Ukraine’s conflict, the Moscow Times wrote.
  • Hungary will not support any sanctions on Russian oil and gas, saying it will do “everything” to ensure the safety of its energy supply, the Independent reported.

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